Kiernan Bagge

Humanities teacher/mentor

Kiernan Bagge is a Humanities teacher/mentor at Fusion Academy Newton.

Kiernan is from Utica, New York. After earning his Bachelor’s in History at Brandeis University, he worked for a decade in a range of positions within the education field as well as earning a Master’s Degree in Teaching History Secondary Education. Kiernan’s experience, from AP teacher to special education, has lent a unique perspective on working with students of various backgrounds. Currently, Kiernan is working on his Master’s in History, having enrolled in programs concerning historical writing and revision.

Kiernan generally enjoys travelling with family and friends, scale miniatures, competitive board games (while not being good at chess), and reading. Another major passion for Kiernan is critical analysis of pop media, with a special interest in horror films. This has often resulted in the often maligned statement “Yes, I know it’s a horrible film BUT this one feature is pretty hilarious.”