John Sanders

Math Teacher

John began teaching math in 2008, but teaching is his 2nd career.  His first was in the telecom-internet industry.  John was often the go-to for colleagues trying to do anything with numbers - so teaching math was a natural fit.  John was awarded his MPP and MBA from the University of Chicag0 as well as his BA from Cornell.  John also holds a MEd from UMass-Boston.

While born in Boston, John grew up in 8 states.  His dad was a submarine captain.  John's nomadic spirit remained even as an adult living in 6 states as well as Japan before returning home to MA.

John likes to kayak, see movies, try new restaurants, and read.  He has traveled extensively and believes that he was an explorer in a prior life!

John once ran a marathon! One less thing to do in life #lifegoals