Hamza Masaeed



After moving to the United States from Jordan at the age of 18, Hamza went to and graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Psychology; His courses also focused on political science, philosophy, and history.


Hamza worked at McLean Hospital, a mental hospital dedicated to ameliorate the suffering of the mentally ill. While harboring strong interest in academic rigor, Hamza also deeply values incorporating social emotional learning in his teaching methodology. As such, tailoring his teaching style for each student’s unique psychological temperament, interests, and ambitions, captures the essence of Hamza’s approach to teaching.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Hamza likes everything that has to do with athleticism; he was Jordan Boxing Champion, so his love served him well, excluding the injuries
  • Hamza loves reading and writing fiction, especially psychological realism
  • Looking at, playing with, or even thinking about dogs, is an activity that brings Hamza immense joy