Kathy Donovan

Learning Specialist

Kathy Donovan is eager to explore her love of the humanities in her role as Fusion’s English and History teacher. Kathy earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Loyola University in Maryland back in 2002, yet as chance would have it she spent the last 12 years teaching reading and reading comprehension to learning disabled students. The combination of Special Ed., sensory based learning, with a background in English has molded Kathy into the teacher she is today. She feels confident working with all different types of students, and is passionate about making lasting connections with all of her students.

Over the last decade Kathy worked as a teacher, mentor, and consultant at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. She has taught students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, ADHD, CAPD….you name it! When Kathy isn’t teaching you can find her at her beloved Bar Method exercise classes or sweating it out at Soul Cycle. She is an animal lover and advocate, and often volunteers at animal shelters.

Funny fact about Kathy: she has a reputation for breaking out her 80’s dance moves during dance parties….specialties include the running man and roger rabbit!