Amir Mohammed


Amir (unknowingly) started his teaching career at the age of sixteen while at Barringer High School in Newark New Jersey, tutoring his fellow classmates in Mathematics and Computer Science. He then raised the bar for himself, proctoring classes for his college bound high school peers in the preparation of the SAT’s & ACT’s.

As an undergraduate student at Rutgers, the State of New Jersey - Newark, Amir graduated Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics and Computer Science. Amir was so far ahead of the curve that he was only a junior when he began taking master’s program mathematics.

During his time in the master’s program, one of Amir’s professors offered a challenge: Solve a complex mathematical problem that the professor himself could not solve. Amir solved it, resulting in an exemption from the course and an “A” for the semester. He went on to achieve high accolades as a Teacher Assistant and Proctor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering.

When Amir is not teaching or taking master/doctoral classes at Rutgers-Newark and NJIT, he likes to stay close to home. Between cooking, doctor’s appointments, food shopping, and house maintenance, Amir always has his hands full. He does all this to help his grandmother, who is at the ripe “young” age of….well, that’s really for a whole other bio…