Seon Kim

Math/Science Department Head

Seon (as in sun) graduated with a BA in History, from Cal State Dominguez Hills, but happened to stumble upon math and has learned to love it ever since. Her teaching career has taken her from 2nd grade classes through high school, while teaching everything from elementary art to Pre-Calculus. Although born and raised in Orange County, she has spent her teaching career in LA and is excited to be back “home” teaching. When Seon isn’t teaching, you will usually see her searching for a GREAT cup of coffee, bobbing her head to music (or full-on “car dancing” in traffic), or “hunting” for something to eat.

Things to note:
1) Seon loves to play Settlers of Catan. Tell her you have the expansion pack and she will bother you (and everyone else) to play every time she sees you!
2) Seon started playing the violin at 4 years old, but don’t ask her to play anything now…she’s a bit rusty.
3) During basketball season, Seon cannot be bothered during Lakers games.
4) And yes, her TV is usually on Sports Center or Discovery Channel.
5) Seon has publicly admitted to watching…AND LIKING Sharknado.