Michelle Tryba


Michelle is super excited to be part of the Fusion Mission Viejo family! She moved to Orange County in June of 2021 from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Michelle graduated from St. Cloud State University with degrees in Life Science Education and Biology. She has always been fascinated by science, but growing up, found it difficult to comprehend. It wasn’t until high school that things really started clicking for her in math and science. With the help of great teachers and a lot of practice, she finally saw her own potential. When she finished high school, she knew that she wanted to help others and have a positive impact on their lives, like many teachers had for her, so she decided to become a teacher! She says it was her greatest decision ever!

In her free time, Michelle loves hanging out at home with her favorite person and her two dogs. She also loves painting, hiking, snowboarding, camping, and really anything that allows her to be outside. Since moving down here, she has even gotten into surfing!