Lisa Holmes

Head of School

MS Ed.


Lisa graduated with a B.A from Western University in Ontario, Canada. She then completed a post graduate diploma in Art Therapy. Following several years of working with students, Lisa attended Canisius College in New York state and completed her MS Ed.


Lisa started her career in education working as a school counselor and as an art therapist. Following her teacher training, Lisa worked in Canada's largest school board in attendance where her focus was on student success, engagement and increased achievement levels. Lisa is experienced at developing individualized educational pathways for students who struggle with barriers to learning.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Lisa is a voracious reader and long-winded story teller.
  • Lisa was once a lettered athlete and played rep sports on the ice, field and court. She now prefers to watch others participate as a supportive fan!
  • Food is the way to Lisa's heart and she travels many miles to experience diverse food cultures. Ask her about her love of maple syrup and poutine.