Brian Houghton

English & History Teacher/Mentor

Brian Houghton educates students in English and History.  Brian began his career with Fusion in 2012 teaching English and History at the Mission Viejo campus. During his time with Fusion, he has participated in curriculum writing projects, the WASC Accreditation Self Study and has served as the English and History Department Head. He recently returned from a year in Maryland serving as the Master Teacher for the Rockville Fusion Campus.

Before joining Fusion, Brian was a social worker in NYC and then served as a Middle and High School teacher in New York City public schools. Brian’s wife is pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of La Verne. Brian’s 4 year old son, Arman Stefano, is maintaining simultaneous pursuits in language acquisition, evaluating the merits of bicycle training wheels and how to correctly draw a person-dinosaur dragon-bird.