Brandon Whitby


Brandon is very excited to be a part of the Fusion Family teaching English and History. As an English teacher he hopes to share his love of literature and its ability to help people broaden their minds and see things from different perspectives. He also loves History because of its focus on learning about different perspectives throughout time. After graduating with a BA in English, Brandon worked in a wide variety of school settings before landing at Fusion MV. He has a passion for critical thinking and loves to help his students learn how to analyze the world around them.

When he’s not teaching, Brandon loves to spend time with family and friends playing tabletop games. He and his wife have a large collection of board and card games that they play regularly. Some of his favorites include Dungeons and Dragons, Root, Magic the Gathering, and Settlers of Catan. He also finds time to relax by painting miniatures that are used in the games he plays.

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