Alejandra Pesqueira

Math & Science Teacher/Mentor

Alejandra Pesqueira is a Math and Science Teacher/Mentor at Fusion Academy. 

Alejandra loves hands on projects and making science and math fun. She found her calling while she was a community college student and was hired by the RCC STEM center to teach at the local high school one day a week. Alejandra fell in love with all of the students immediately and knew she had to go into teaching. She has held internships through the UCLA California Teach Program, The California Science Center, and has experience as a Conflict Mediator. She graduated with a B.S. in Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Environmental Sciences from UCLA. Her non-traditional path to higher education is the driving force behind her passion for teaching and mentoring.  She is so grateful for the opportunity to share her passion for the environment with her Fusion students.

In her free time, Alejandra enjoys biking, is obsessed with video games, and is an avid festival goer. She loves food, but she is trying to be 90% vegetarian, in her attempt to combat climate change.