Yusnavi Machado

Yusnavi Machado motivates students to connect with their creativity and teaches them to
use the power of Art to positively impact their community on and off-campus in her role as
Fusion’s Art Teacher/Mentor. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio from DePauw
University where her media focus was in Sculpture and Experimental Video. Yusnavi’s art
focuses on community advocacy and interrogating ideas surrounding migration, identity, land,
violence, nationality, and spirituality through a Cuban-American feminist social-historical lens.
Apart from her art, Yusnavi has worked as a Survivor Advocate for 4 years helping folks leave
and heal from violent situations. Yusnavi enjoys cuddling up on the couch with her chihuahua,
Lucky, and playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in her free time. In 2019, She was awarded
a grant to do research in Cuba on Cuban activist art centering around the 1959 Revolution and
created a performance piece titled Arroz Contaminado