Andrew (Drew) Wright

Head of School

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science in Technology Education with a minor in Child Psychology and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.  He has mastered courses in Safety and Management in Technical Education, Innovation and Engineering Design, Organizational Change, and Psychology of Leadership.  

During his nineteen year career in education, Andrew has held various successful roles as a leader/administrator.  He most recently held the position of Head of the Upper School at Fayetteville Academy in Fayetteville, North Carolina where he served for over four years.  His previous roles include Director of Educational Technology, Middle School Dean of Students, Crisis Intervention Manager, and Director of School in Fort Myers, Florida.

In his spare time, Drew enjoys going on cruises, tackling escape rooms, expanding his extensive collection of colognes from around the world, and creating interesting flavor combinations of his homemade ice cream. He is currently working on his second book as writing has become somewhat of a passion of his.