Kelly Smith

Japanese, English, History, and Test Prep Teacher

My name is Kelly Smith and I’m a post graduate from San Francisco State University as of December 2019! I came to Marin from Pleasanton about ten years ago to live with my grandmother and start going to College of Marin. I worked while going to school and eventually found myself transferring to SFSU for a Japanese Major and History Minor, and soon I plan on going back to get a credential in History!

Some of the work I did was teaching an afterschool program and doing private tutoring in Japanese language. I’ve had a lot of background in teaching since as far back as I remember—Dad, Mom, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, you name it: all teachers! My family is dedicated to the education and welfare of children, and I definitely live up to our reputation!

In my spare time, I love to cook, especially baking (pies are my specialty!). I love reading and learning new facts about history, but I am definitely a great person for fantasy novels and comics. I love Japanese animation, Marvel and DC comics, and anything that has deep lore such as Tolkien and Lovecraft.