Edward Charlberg

English & History Teacher

Edward is an educator, writer, editor, scholar, math grader, and musician. He teaches English and History with a focus upon Critical Thinking and an Interdisciplinary approach, utilizing Psychology, Philosophy, Film, Music, and any other discipline that proves useful. 

He earned his B.A. in English, with a Literature concentration, from Sonoma State University and his M.A. in English, also with a Literature concentration, at San Francisco State University. In addition to being a McNair scholar, Edward worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer in English and Multicultural Studies throughout his undergraduate and graduate education.  

 Besides working as an educator and teaching assistant, Edward has worked as: a math grader for a variety of courses, a guitar instructor, a technician in guitar amplification manufacturing, and a corporate consultant. He is an avid volunteer for a vast variety of causes, though his favorite is his local Friends of the Library.  

In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and studying jazz theory, watching film noir and reading crime fiction, reading Nabokov, playing video games, cooking and reading cookbooks, playing minigolf, recording and mixing, hiking, cycling, attending opera performances, and guitar repair and maintenance. Generally, he finds the world and its contents endlessly fascinating.  

A wacky fact about him that few would know is that he grew up wanting to be a hobo.