Bethanie Gilbert


High School History and English credential


Bethanie earned her B.A. from Cornell University, her M.A from Columbia University Teachers College, and her California teaching credential from Dominican University.


Bethanie has 50 years of teaching experience in every conceivable context from a traditional classroom to designing and teaching in a "break the mode" high school, to wilderness settings, from Harlem to Oakland to Marin.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Professional wilderness guide
  • She led a 1300 mile bike trip during school academic year with ten students.
  • She was a principle dancer Masker Dance of West Java (traditional ceremonies) in West Java and the United States
  • Lived on Alan Watt's old ferryboat in Sausalito
  • Led high school class to Costa Rica to participate in ecologically sustainable agriculture projects
  • Sat in the Senate press gallery during the 1965 Civil Rights debates as a reporter for the Cornell Daily Sun