Michael always had a passion for learning about history while growing up in Indianapolis. When he moved to Philadelphia for junior high and high school, this interest deepened and in college at Fordham University, he decided to become a history teacher. In order to gain more experience, he spent three years working at an after-school tutoring program. After graduating with a Bachelor of Art degree in History, he applied to the teaching program at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education. There he earned a Master of Science in Teaching.

Throughout his time learning, Michael has always been fascinated with American history after the Civil War and while an undergraduate, wrote his thesis about the use of violence during Reconstruction. He continues to read non-fiction works, biographies and historical fiction books about this time period in the United States’ history. As a teacher, Michael will bring this passion and interest when working with students.

When not reading or teaching, Michael is frequently watching the latest films at the many, many great movie theaters New York has to offer. Otherwise, spends time wandering New York, finding new shops and location that he has not previously visited.