Kerri Midiri

Admissions Consultant

Prior to joining Fusion, Kerri worked as an educator in several public school systems for over a decade.  Additionally, she happily serves her community as a certified adolescent health coach, a meditation and mindfulness teacher, as well as an executive function coach for middle school and high school students.  Passionate about building a strong rapport with others, Kerri was drawn to Fusion because of its emphasis on building positive relationships. The school’s commitment to meeting each student right where they are, creating a meaningful connection, and finding the very best way to tap into each student’s passion for learning and discovery is, in her opinion, one of the greatest gifts we could give a child.


Kerri started with Fusion in 2018, where she launched the opening of a brand new school in Columbia, MD.  To be a part of this endeavor was incredibly eye opening, as she worked to help prepare the school, staff, parents, students, and professionals in the community for all that Fusion Academy has to offer.


Originally from Long Island, NY, Kerri has lived all over the country and has loved the many experiences that each place has brought her.  Outside of school, Kerri enjoys recharging in nature, whether sitting beside the ocean or exploring a hike in a new area. She also loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, indulging in carrot cake, traveling, reading, creating art in many forms, and spending time with family and friends.

As part of the Fusion family, Kerri is most excited about connecting with her community, helping to find the right educational placement for students who inquire, getting to know the other passionate professionals who she serves beside, and bringing joy to the families that will find pure happiness at one of our many campuses.