Jane Freeborn

History Department Head & English Teacher/Mentor

Jane teaches History, English and Language Arts at Fusion. They grew up in a very rural town, but has worked their way up to living in New York through a number of trial residencies in places with more than one stop light. They have been lucky enough to pursue an academic career which combines their interest in how people consume and interpret culture, and their deep love of the Middle Ages (they are still inordinately proud of their undergraduate thesis title: “The Medieval Hipster”). They took their master’s degree in Medieval Literatures and Cultures in Scotland, at the University of Edinburgh, and will doggedly defend Anglo Saxon poetry and haggis as staples of a healthy lifestyle.

Over the past several years, they have had the opportunity to work with a variety of students from college to kindergarten, and they enjoy teaching their passion for literature through the awesome one-to-one Fusion model. Their greatest ambition is to live in an Airstream trailer in the Arizona desert and to finally get around to reading all those Russian authors.