Houria Benayyad

Science & Foreign Language Teacher/Mentor

Houria was born and raised in Morocco. She moved to the states, to further her education with a goal of teaching her favorite subject, Biological Science, so that she could share her love of science and make a positive difference in students’ lives and development. While attending a nursing program at La Guardia College, she tutored many students in Anatomy and Physiology before graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Science and Math. She was then selected to follow up her studies at Hunter College of Biological Science Pre-Med where she obtained her BA in Biology. While at Hunter her passion for teaching grew. She taught Science and Math as a contractor with BiNet, a sub-institution of the Department Of Education, while also tutoring in different urban schools. She also worked closely with mentally challenged adults at the Goodwill headquarters, helping individuals to overcome their academic difficulties. She enjoys teaching her second language French, and loves drawing, painting, jogging, and swimming. Houria loves traveling and seeing new places and has a goal of traveling around the entire world which she is working towards one country at a time.