Manuel Maldonado

Yoga, Science, & Math Teacher/Mentor

Manuel is a master chemistry teacher with over a decade of experience working in professional laboratory settings and teaching chemistry at select universities in Puerto Rico. After pursuing one of his other passions, cooking, and running a successful Japanese restaurant in San Juan as owner/operator, he decided that it was time for a change of scenery. Manuel soon found himself in New York teaching chemistry, and forming connections with students and parents, whether after a science fair or at extracurricular activities. Manuel draws from his background in bilingual education, as well as being a master yoga instructor, to respectfully communicate with all students in order to foster driven yet compassionate young learners.

In addition to teaching, Manuel is an enthusiastic cyclist and a lifelong advocate for the pursuit of good-mindedness, spiritual and physical wellness. When he isn’t teaching, Manuel is touring the beautiful roads and hills of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, on his bike.