Lisa Durazzo

Interim Head of School

Lisa started at our Princeton campus as their first math teacher/mentor. She enjoyed watching the campus grow and knew that she wanted to be a part of Fusion's growth. Lisa spent six years at the Princeton campus where she was the campus' Assistant Director and Interim Head of School. Since leaving our Princeton campus Lisa has supported several campuses in New Jersey and California as both a Head of school and Assistant Director. In her current role, Lisa, has been able to share her passion for education with many Fusion teachers and it has also allowed her to support several families and our students through their educational journeys. Lisa earned her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Rowan University and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from American College of Education.


During her free time, you will find Lisa with her family and friends. She enjoys finding time to relax and watch a movie or read a good book. Some fun facts: Lisa's first language is Italian, and she holds dual citizenship in the US and Italy. She even lived there for a year as a kid.

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