Craig Moore

History & English Teacher/Mentor

Craig has a BA in History from York College of PA, where he probably spent more time than he should have bumming around the Theater Department. After graduation, he studied Secondary Education at William Paterson University and became a certified teacher. He taught social studies in public schools in his native New Jersey for a few years before moving to Brooklyn. He loves all areas of history, but has a special interest in the early Republic, and the emergence of modern American during the Progressive, New Deal and Cold War eras.

Craig grew up on the stage, performing in amateur theatrical productions since the age of 5, and performing as an instrumentalist and vocalist throughout elementary, middle, high school and into college. He looks forward to bringing his love of history, drama, and music to the students at Fusion. When he’s not reading the biography of a dead president or butchering a Barenaked Ladies song on his guitar, Craig is most often found in his kitchen, experimenting with a new recipe for his wife and daughter to try.

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