Leonardo Chusan

Director of Homework Café



Pierce Community College 2005-2007
UC Santa Barbara 2007-2009 (B.A in Latin American Studies and History)
UC Los Angeles 2009-2012 (M.A in Latin American Studies and Education)
Syracuse University 2015-2016 (Ph.D in Education) (Leave of absence)


High School Basketball Coach (LAUSD)
Avid Tutor (LAUSD)
English Language Learners (ELL) Teaching assistant (LAUSD)
Disabled Student Program Notetaker (UCSB)
91.9FM KCSB Sports Radio (UCSB)
Daily Bruin Local Beat Writer (UCLA)
UCLA Sports Radio (UCLA)
Graduate Researcher/Teaching Assistant (UCLA)
UCLA Speaker/Guest Lecturer (UCLA)
Community/Workshop Organizer for Education (UCLA Center X program)
Student-Athlete Tutoring Program (Syracuse University)

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Brazilian and Ecuadorean
  • Volleyball/Basketball player in high school
  • Visited the Galapagos Islands and swam with the tortoises