Beth Sellers

Special Education Lead, Teacher/Mentor

Beth is our resident Reading Specialist, who also enjoys teaching English, Language Arts, Psychology, Positive Psychology, Meditation, The Science & Practice of Mindfulness, Study Skills, World Religion, Sociology, Buddhism, World Cultures, Ancient Civilizations, & Sociology.

She graduated summa cum laude from Temple University, with a BA in Psychology. She later earned her Master of Education from University of Texas, Austin. She holds additional certifications in Dyslexia Intervention, Gifted and Talented education, and Behavior Management. Beth has taught in both public and private schools before joining Fusion. She prides herself on individualizing her classes to meet the needs and interests of each of her students. She receives great joy and satisfaction from watching her students fully engage and enjoy learning.

Outside of Fusion, Beth spends most of her time chasing after her own 3 children. However, each week she finds time to play tennis or pickel-ball, lift weights, go to yoga class, flop on the couch, and attend her beloved meditation group. When given the opportunity of time, Beth loves sneaking out for a date with her husband, practicing her (terrible) Spanish, traveling with her family, and making good use of her SCUBA Dive Master certificate.