Carissa Coy

Art Teacher/Mentor

Carissa Coy is an artist and educator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2019. Her major, called Craft and Material Studies, focused on discovery, mastery, and experimentation with materials including glass, wood, and metal. It was in this major at VCU that she first started working as a glassblower, falling in love with the process of working with hot glass as well as the characteristics of the glass itself.

When she’s not in the hot shop, (and often, even when she is) she’s working as an arts educator and brings years of experience in traditional settings like elementary schools and after-school arts programs and less traditional settings like museums, camps, and production studios. She has a passion for fostering visual literacy, authenticity, skill, and genuine interest in all of her students, whether they know art is their calling or feel out of place just picking up a paint brush. She loves beautiful things, good company, and adventure, so museums, mountains, and living rooms with comfy chairs are a few of her happy places.