Craig Lebovic

Assistant Director

Craig Lebovic is excited to be the Assistant Director at Fusion Academy Los Gatos. He is an East Coaster who moved to the Bay Area to pursue career opportunities in teaching and education. Before moving to California, Craig taught in the public school setting at both the high school and middle school levels, and is credentialed in two states.

Craig has served Fusion Los Gatos for the better part of a decade as the first teacher hired on a blossoming young campus. In the time since then, he has served as a History/English teacher, the Head of the History Department, the Master Teacher, and is now proud to be the Assistant Director.

Craig has taught students at multiple grade levels with differentiated learning styles. His greatest strengths are his ability to form a rapport with students, helping them relate to the material and have a positive relationship with school; and his ability to adapt to individual students and learning styles. He understands that different students are motivated in different ways, and he is committed to finding what motivates each student.

Craig grew up in New Jersey and then attended the University of Maryland for college. He earned his BA in Secondary Education and Social Studies. Craig also enjoys spending time with his wife, making music, singing loudly in his car like a fool, and making people laugh. He is always happy to exchange music recommendations of any genre, so stop by anytime.