Becca Lee


Becca Lee can generally be found in her natural habitat at Fusion Academy Los Gatos campus. She is driven by a passion for teaching and for helping others and finds this to be a perfect environment for it. She loves learning, including math, sciences, and language. In fact, she struggled to choose just one major in college because she wanted to learn it all. She finally picked her degree, a BA in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, out of a certainty that whatever career she ended up following, it would involve working closely with and helping others.

She has worked at a variety of jobs in education, including teaching history, instructing and overseeing a tutoring center as head instructor, and pacing and implementing curriculum in an intensive one on one environment. She finds her experiences working with a wide range of student needs, ages, subjects, and learning styles were perfect preparation for Fusion’s Homework Café.

In her free time, she is proud to be a nerd. From board games to live-action role-playing, she embraces her inner gamer. She can also both do and teach a variety of obscure crafts, including Roman wire jewelry, chainmail armor making, and tablet weaving. She is lucky enough to have friends and family who are happy to be nerdy right along with her.