Vailet Yarijanian

Director of Outreach

Vailet knew that teaching was her passion since the age of five. The validity and power of education caused her creative and curious mind to strive to become an educator. A quote she always lives by is that “Everyone can be a shining star.” She tries to ensure that every student is able to succeed and have the proper tools to get a well-rounded education.

Vailet Yarijanian is currently the Director of Outreach for Fusion West LA and Fusion Miracle Mile. She began her Fusion journey as an English teacher at the Huntington Beach, CA campus. This is where she was able to refine and polish her instructional skills, master individualized education, and help spread compassion among others. As a native Los Angelean, she transferred to the Los Angeles campus and served as the SSD (Services for Students with Disabilities) Coordinator, Middle School Cohort Adviser, and teacher/mentor at the Fusion Academy- in Los Angeles, CA. Vailet was then promoted to Assistant Director and moved to Austin, TX to help build and develop that Fusion campus. While Austin was a grand adventure filled with lakes, Texan spirit, and BBQ, the peacefulness of the west coast and her original roots brought Vailet back to Los Angeles.

She graduated (with honors) from Loyola Marymount University earning her Master’s in Literacy and Language Arts and Single-Subject Credential in English. With the desire to continue her education, she went to Oxford University to complete a post-graduate program focusing on Victorian Literature and the brilliant work of Jane Austen. She also obtains her BA in English Literature from CSULA. Prior to working at Fusion, Vailet worked at Green Dot Charter Schools in the Los Angeles area. The demographics of the students whom Vailet has worked with is immensely diverse, yet all truly rewarding.

She enjoys reading a wide range of genres including anything from Homeric poetry, Shakespearean plays, to blogs about pop culture and celebrities. Vailet wants her students, and people in general, to appreciate literature and the value of expression.

Hobbies: Reading, camping, meditation, & watching game shows.