Shoshana Kinsbursky

Language Department Head

Shoshana Kinsbursky graduated from Saint Bonaventure University in Cali Colombia, with a Masters in Education and a Masters in French, Spanish, and English languages. She has taught in the Los Angeles area since 1985, all grades and all subjects.

Shoshana spent three years in Europe working as an interpreter for the Colombian Embassy in Warsaw. She participated in the Body Burden project of the United Nations becoming co-creator of a short film aimed at raising awareness about the damage that free radicals in the environment pose to all humans, especially in the third world nations.

As an artist, Shoshana’۪s paintings have been exhibited in many galleries in Los Angeles.  She is a passionate advocate for art as an important component in the scholastic curriculum.

Most importantly, she is a student of life, a believer in the goodness inside all, and the ability to tap into a magnificent force that moves forward at the seep of light and propels us all to become the forgers of a much better world.