Shoshana Kinsbursky

Department Head

M. Ed M. Romance Languages Anthropology PhD


Shoshana has a multifaceted education, starting in Colombia South America, where she graduated with honors from the Universidad de San Buenaventura, with a Masters in Education and a minor in Sociology. She enjoyed the experience of working for her father, the Colombian Ambassador in Warsaw, Poland, where she attended the Universty of Warsaw, completing a master's in Romance Languages and French philology. Shoshana has lived in Los Angeles since 1980, where she completed a PhD in anthropology, attending a remote program between the Universidad de San Buenaventura, and USC. Shoshana has attended multiple Extension courses at UCLA and the American Jewish University and has taught Jewish studies in multiple school settings.


Shoshana has been in the education field all her life, heading literacy projects in Colombia, teaching young children in Jewish day schools, heading art programs in impoverished communities, and finally over the past ten years, working as department head at Fusion LA, where she teaches Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, anthropology, and Hebrew. Shoshana is a published author and her dissertation is a university class which has been taught in several universities in South America.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Shioshana is passionate about her spiritual life and Judaism, combining studies in Jewish mysticism, yoga and meditation to lead a full and balanced life. You can find her hiking a mountain, promenading at Pan Pacific Park, writing pamphlets about women in Judaism, or simply enjoying a nice Shabbat meal with good wine.
  • Shoshana is an amateur painter and decorator