Nicole Blaber



Nicole graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and minors in Women’s & Gender Studies and Critical Race & Ethnic Studies. Her philosophy degree has lent her invaluable reading, writing, and research skills necessary to evaluate and understand systems of thought and culture in contemporary society. Her minors have enabled her to research and critically analyze society’s most pressing issues and develop a passion for social justice. During her time at Gonzaga, she participated on the debate team. She also studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and Copenhagen, Denmark, where she deepened her knowledge and love of continental philosophy.


Nicole is no stranger to academia; in high school, she spent summers researching and debating at Gonzaga University, Dartmouth, and Wake Forest University respectively for six weeks each and her first job out of high school was at Gonzaga's debate institute as a lab assistant. This work enabled her to provide high school students lectures, logistical support, contribute research files, quality instruction, adjudicate student debates, and help them in honing their skills.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Can read up to 340 words per minute aloud
  • Has lived in Chicago, Salt Lake City, & Spokane
  • Loves cats