Kathy Morales


Kathy is Fusion’s one and only American Sign Language instructor at Fusion Los Angeles. She recently graduated from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Education also minoring in English Literature. She was the first in her family to graduate college which makes her job as an educator extremely valuable. Kathy’s interest in ASL began in college with just a simple spark of interest in learning a new language. Being that she’s a highly visual learner, ASL was the perfect language, and learning about the Deaf culture brought her that much closer to wanting to educate not only ASL but literacy as well. Kathy has spent the last 2 summers volunteering at an English Language Learner’s camp in Los Angeles where she worked with underprivileged students to publish a book with their original writing pieces.

Kathy is one of the rare natives of Los Angeles and absolutely loves this city. When not at Fusion, she’ll likely be watching Bob’s Burgers, or finding a new place around the city to take photos. One day she hopes to travel the world and take amazing pictures and publish them in a big book.