Jaime Porras

Area Head of School


Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in American Literature from Ohio State University, Jaime has lived and studied on both coasts and throughout Central America and Mexico. Settling in Los Angeles in 2005, he earned an M.A. in Social Justice Education, along with his Single and Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials.


For nearly four years, Jaime served as a high school English teacher in South Central Los Angeles. The time he spent working in the inner-city opened his eyes to the structural limitations of traditional schooling and solidified his commitment to advocate for those students who find themselves disaffected and underserved by traditional classrooms on all sides of the socio-economic spectrum.

In the fall of 2011, this desire to do something different led Jaime directly to Fusion, where he has been working and growing ever since. From campuses in Southern California to the Bay Area, Jaime has held virtually every position available: Teacher/Mentor, Homework Café Teacher, Department Head, MAPP Testing Coordinator, Master Teacher, Assistant Director and ultimately Head of School. He has worked as an administrator in extremely high-performing Fusion campuses such as Pasadena, Marin, and most recently, Los Gatos, and is extremely excited to take on this new opportunity in Los Angeles. As one of Fusion’s oldest and most successful schools, the LA campus has established a long tradition of excellence and one that Jaime hopes to bring to new heights in the coming years.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • When not on a Fusion Campus, Jaime can either be found at USC, where he is currently completing his doctorate degree in education, or at home with his wife (a former Fusion teacher) and their newborn daughter, Mila Antonia.