Jacopo Manfren

Art & Photography Teacher

Jacopo Manfren is an Italian fashion photographer, director, and fine artist recently moved from Milan to Los Angeles, California.

After a Master’s Degree in History of Art from the University Of Bologna, he has been a professional photographer in Milan for almost 20 years and he has published editorials for the most important magazines such as Russian Harper’s Bazaar, Indonesian Elle, Italian Vogue Brides, Italian Maxim and in addition many celebrity portraits.

Once he moved in LA, after a fashion company required his work, he has even successfully directed three movies: the first two have received the most prestigious Award as Best Director at International St Tropez Film Festival, in Europe, during the Cannes Premiere, while the third one, a SAG feature film in a Fellinesque/ Jackicollinsish/ Old Hollywood style, has just been completed.

After his studies in History of Art he also started research on fine arts. His favorite mediums are watercolors, ink and colored pencils, drawing and illustrating mostly portraits (or still lives, or both, or something in the middle).

His main inspirations are most of the artists of the middle 1900s, such as Giorgio De Chirico, Dorothea Tanning, Antonio Donghi. Meredith Frampton or also the Preraphaelites and Symbolism.

And at last, but not at least, he’s a freelance writer, enrolled in the Official Register Of Italian Journalists, with published interviews of actors and artists, one of screenplay waiting to be turned into another movie, and a sci-fi comic novel.

The style that pervades his whole body of work (from photography, to film, to painting) can be defined as a blend of poetic, sophisticated, surreal and retro “imageries”, pervaded by a recurring stillness, and never forgetting the inspirations from the “Old Maestri” of the Arts.