Katheryn Nguyen

Head Of School

Katheryn Nguyen had her first hand in education when, in high school, she tutored her peers in science and math classes. She also spent some time as a Youth Counselor and Instructional Aide at a Residential Treatment Center for at-risk youth during her undergraduate years at Texas A&M University. However, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, tutoring and teaching took a back seat. Katheryn spent several years working in both the mental health and social services fields. Growing tired of the cubicle work, Katheryn decided to go back into a field which placed her in a more direct services role. This is when she began teaching at a non-public school for students with special needs such as a Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Emotional/Behavioral Disturbance (EBD), and ADD/ADHD.

During this time, Katheryn earned her Clear Education Specialist Credential with an added authorization for Autism, and her Masters in Special Education from California State University, Northridge. Katheryn has now spent over 15 years working in education, 7 of those years as a Vice Principal of an alternative high school in Hollywood, CA, and another year as the Assistant Director of our Pasadena campus before becoming the Head of School of our Miracle Mile campus.

When not hanging around the school, Katheryn enjoys hanging around cliffs and rock walls. She also enjoys painting, drawing, and cooking, even if no one can tell what she has painted, drawn, or cooked. Most of all she loves showing off what she CAN’T do, and making fun of herself. And, if she really likes you, maybe she’ll make fun of you, too!