Geovanny Rivas

Math/Science Teacher

Born and raised in Los Angeles, in 2008 Geovanny Rivas left to the Bay Area to pursue his dreams of becoming Ironman, while learning the basics of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. During this span of time, he discovered that teaching was very fulfilling and enjoyable, so he decided that being a mechanical engineer wasn’t enough – he wanted to get involved in education – and so he did. After working with peers and classmates at Berkeley, and teaching middle and high school students in the Oakland area – as well as Palo Alto, Geovanny returned home to LA in the summer of 2017 to prepare for the next chapter of his life: graduate studies in applied mathematics. In all of that and because of what some may know as destiny, he discovered Fusion and hasn’t looked back since. When not teaching, lesson planning or learning about the universal language known as mathematics, Geovanny enjoys being outside and walking around LA – checking out the food scene, as well as the occasional salsa dancing scene. Hikes with a view are a great getaway as well, as is checking out live music in all the forms possible. On a more relaxed day, you can catch him at home spending time with his family, or out and about with friends and other loved ones.