Elizabeth Aquino

Humanities Teacher

Elizabeth Aquino received her Bachelor of Arts in both English and French Literature from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has tutored and taught English off and on for over twenty years and currently works part time as an English teacher at a local private girls’ high school. A writer, Elizabeth’s creative nonfiction and fiction work has been published in numerous literary journals, newspapers and magazines. She was the recipient of a prestigious writing residency at Hedgebrook on Whidbey Island and is currently working with an editor on a memoir about her life as the mother of a child with severe developmental disabilities. Her experiences include advocating and helping children and young adults with learning disabilities reach their full potential, and she is passionate about honoring and respecting the individual’s unique ways of learning.

Elizabeth has lived in Los Angeles for over twenty years and loves the weather, the incredible culture and all the diversity of the city. Her interests include a voracious love of fiction and poetry, really good movies and keeping up with her three now young adult children. In a former life she was a pastry chef and still keeps her hand in the proverbial dough by making cakes in her side business, “Everyone Needs Cake.”