David Atilano

Math/Science Teacher

David went to Claremont McKenna College and earned his bachelor's degree in Biology. Science has always been his passion, and he believes that it is critical to helping build a better tomorrow. Even though science is one of his favorite things in the world, he has always loved teaching and helping others even more. Through participating in mentoring, tutoring, and volunteer work, he discovered his passion for teaching. In addition, he is currently attending Whittier College's Masters in Education Program.

Before joining Fusion Academy Miracle Mile, David was a long term substitute math teacher. Before that, he was a science summer camp teacher.

During David’s free time he enjoys watching movies and reading books like Lord of The Rings. He also enjoys listening to music, especially the Beatles, and radio stations like KPCC. More than those two things combined he likes to spend time with his friends. His favorite way to spend his weekend is to see some friends, have some great tasting food, and relax in the Southern California sun.