Urte Franitza


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Urte received her BA in Sociology from Long Island University with a minor in Business. She completed her graduate class work at SUNY Old Westbury in Secondary Education in Social Studies with a concentration in Special Education.


After a successful career in corporate banking, Urte realized the most rewarding times in the financial world were those where she reached out to new trainees and was rewarded with that “Ah Ha!” moment, so she turned to teaching.

Urte joined Long Island’s Fusion family in late 2016 and is always excited to share her enthusiasm for all things old and new, as well as pepper her History and German classes with bits of trivia that capture her student’s attention. Her goal is to create independent and critical thinkers, who are curious and will be able to seek the answers to questions they are asking on their own. Regardless if talking about US or World History, Government or Economics, the goal is to understand why we are where we are today and how all the pieces fit together. German classes are taught with the view that “Language is culture, and culture is language”, exposing the student not just to language skills but also bringing in history, literature, music and geography.

Urte is a native German speaker who moved to the United States with her parents and sister, when she was younger. She was a lending officer for Germany’s two largest banks, which kept her firmly active in two cultures. Teaching German was a natural outgrowth and one she has been actively engaged in for many years. She loves using her passion for education and learning to help students realize their potential and be better prepared for college work.

Urte often finds herself not just being the teacher but also the student as she continues to explore various history courses to enhance the knowledge she shares with her students.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Urte is the proud mom of two amazing young men who are the light of her life
  • She is passionate about almost anything having to do with art and has been known to create the occasional painting herself
  • Urte loves to ride her bike, swim and spend time with her two furry kids, CoCo and Stig