Tyler Goldstein

Music Teacher/Mentor

Tyler Goldstein offers musical knowledge of the guitar, bass, and drums, as well as music theory at Fusion’s Woodbury campus. He earned his bachelor’s degree in filmmaking practices & film production from Arizona State University, while maintaining work as a guitarist. Tyler has played several different instruments in a variety of bands since the age of 9. During this time he became extremely efficient in the recording programs Pro-Tools and Reason, as well as other industry standards including Logic and Ableton Live. His most recent venture in the world of music has been studying jazz guitar.

Along with music, Tyler enjoys watching and making movies, fitness, and outdoor activities such as pick-up sports (basketball, hockey, tennis, football), hiking, and going to the beach.
Tyler deeply believes in the power of creative expression and encourages all students to explore music, drawing, painting, singing, acting, writing, etc.