Kimberly Johnson


Master’s in English

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Kimberly Johnson received her Bachelor’s of Arts from Stony Brook University. Here, she majored in multidisciplinary studies, and minored in English and History. She graduated cum laude and carried the academic flag for her major in her graduation ceremony. Here is where she discovered her passion for Shakespeare and Renaissance England poetry and prose. From there, Kimberly went on to study for her Master’s in English at LIU Post, and she attained that degree from LIU. She continued to study Shakespeare and renaissance literature throughout her time at Post, and she even welcomed reading American literature, along with plenty of literary criticism courses. Kimberly’s master’s thesis explored feminine virtue in the masculine world of the play, which is quite dominated by the main character and title character, Coriolanus.

Kimberly continued her education at Hofstra, where she graduated with an Advanced Degree in Teaching, grades 7-12, English. In order to complete her degree, she had to complete the longest study Kimberly had ever taken part of, the edTPA. Her study was over eighty pages and scored a fifty eight–the national average is 42.


KImberly went on to be a substitute teacher for Islip High School in 2020 until 2022. There she attended to the teacher’s plans, and implemented them in various classes. She also took on a leave replacement in Islip Middle School where she taught sixth graders how to improve their work and their motivation. Most of her students were those with varying disabilities; Kimberly loves this student population as they truly need assistance, a different kind of help distinct from other students and Kimberly believes she thrives when working with these students.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Hiking in the woods with her senior dog, Juno
  • Loves the beach, mountains, snow, hiking, boot camp, reading, writing, and traveling
  • Kimberly sings and dances for her dog Juno since Juno loves it!