John Ressos


Masters in Health Education


John currently holds four degrees: Fine Art/Commercial Art, Computer Hardware and Software, Physical Education, and a Masters in Health Education.


John has taught P.E. and Health for seven years in the public school system, until he moved to Greece for two years. There, he ran a winery. When he returned to the states, John became a stuntman, doing stunts for film and TV.

John tries to introduce his students to as many different activities as he can and instill in them the importance of life long fitness. He believes that the two hours a week they spend in class isn’t enough exercise to keep them healthy, so he helps them love being active both here and at home.

John was under five feet tall until 11th grade, so he is no stranger to feeling small, being bullied, or feeling like he couldn’t participate with all the other kids. “Although high school is an important stepping-stone in life, life is much bigger than high school.”

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves to play sports (hockey especially)
  • Making time to travel
  • Spending time with family and friends
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