Jhecy Balansag


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Jhecy Balansag was born in the Philippines and moved to Brooklyn when he was 7. He graduated from Midwood High School in Brooklyn, then moved to Long Island to study math at Stony Brook University. He has always loved math and has a passion for education; these factors are what set him on his path to become a math teacher. Having taken multiple courses throughout his academic career, Jhecy has become well versed in a variety of subjects: algebra 1 and 2, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics. After experiencing higher levels of math and mathematical theories, his understanding of the subjects has been cemented to the point where he can explain one topic in multiple points of views.


Jhecy has worked for a tutoring center for over a year, and as a teaching assistant for the Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI). While he was a math tutor, Jhecy had the opportunity to work with students on all academic levels and was exposed to ample math topics; and each one had to be taught effectively. The difference in levels between the students aided Jhecy to be more mentally flexible, in a way that each student was given help and explanations fitting to their knowledge and understanding of the topic. From his experience working at DDI, Jhecy learned to be more aware of different learning disabilities that are associated with autism; as well as the best methods on dealing with them. He saw how students on the spectrum need a different approach with their education that requires the use of visual aid and constant repetition. Due to his work experience, Jhecy has become a well-versed math instructor equipped with diverse teaching methods that are both effective and engaging.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Play Volleyball
  • Go to the Gym