Julie Pineda

Director of Student Development

Julie currently has a Bachelor of Art Degree in Biology with a concentration in ecology and animal behavior from Skidmore College. While in college, Julie conducted field research in the tropical forests of Costa Rica, deciduous forests in upstate New York, and the north Pacific intertidal zones of Washington. Through her studies she developed a love for sharing her research findings and realized she wanted to go into science education. After graduating from Skidmore, Julie began her postgraduate career as a science and math teacher at Fusion Academy Huntington Beach in September of 2014.

Being at Fusion, Julie not only realized her love for teaching, but her love for education as a whole. Julie found herself wanting to do more and contribute more to Fusion. She enrolled herself in a Master’s program at the University of Redlands and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration Degree.

Julie having lived in many different parts of the country, found herself back in her home state of California. She currently lives in Westminster, and loves spending time with her family; Julie has two younger siblings whom she loves like crazy. Julie is a naturalist and in her free time loves going on nature walks and identifying organisms around her. A little-known fact about Julie is that she enjoys exposing herself to different cultures and ways of life, which ultimately fuels her love for traveling.