Josue Vega

Recording Arts Teacher/Mentor

Josue is a musician and a composer residing in the Inland Empire. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from California State University Fullerton in 2017 and his Masters of Music in Composition and Theory from The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music in 2019. As a composer Josue has worked with artists such as LoadBang, Roomful of Teeth, Kronos Quartet and others. In addition to this he has worked with various local artists both recording and producing their music projects and has been teaching music for over 10 years. Josue enjoys coffee, sports, and drawing in his free time and has aspirations to travel the world to experience different cultures and sights. Josue wants to help his students realize their musical dreams, whether that may be making music as a hobby or transforming their passion into a career.

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