Jordann Waldron

Science Department Head

Jordann Waldron is excited to be part of the science and math department at Fusion Academy Huntington Beach. She earned a B.S. in Marine Biology, and a minor in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina.

Jordann has lived in all four corners of the U.S. where she has had an assortment of outdoor educational jobs.  She spent three years working as a naturalist on a whale watch boat in Boston, MA.  And prior to coming to fusion, she spent five years working at a Marine Science Institute on Catalina Island.   A huge part of her educational background is instilling passion and knowledge about our marine ecosystems.

Jordann’s number one passion in life is the ocean.  She has a sail boat that she often takes to Catalina Island, where she can enjoy SCUBA and free diving.  She also likes to spend some weekends backpacking in beautiful locations.

A little known fact about Jordann is that she enjoys running.  She has ran two ultramarathons and six marathons to date.  She also spends the summers working in Alaska on commercial fishing boats as a fishery biologist for NOAA.