Jacob Sherbondy


UNC Chapel Hill and Florida Atlantic University


Jacob Sherbondy is a Teacher/Mentor for the Newport Beach campus where he focuses on science and math instruction. Initially studying at UNC Chapel Hill, where he assisted in genetic research and volunteered with HOPE gardens, he finished his degree at Florida Atlantic University after moving to Florida. He graduated magna cum laude at Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s in Biology, Biotechnology certificate and CSL certificate. His research at FAU, as part of a small team, culminated in a grant from their presentation of 3D printed bionic glove prostheses. While in university, he began private tutoring sessions for science and math subjects and supported new students by teaching college success strategies to incoming freshmen as a peer educator for the Jump Start program. Further supporting incoming college students, he volunteered as a trip leader of Camp Owls wilderness orientation for incoming freshmen in addition to his roles as Trip Leader and Lead Challenge Course Facilitator for Outdoor Adventures. He has also been a volunteer and president of Splash Pals adapted aquatics, where he was dedicated to providing support in an aquatic setting for children with a wide range of conditions.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Jacob is an outdoors enthusiast, finding whatever time he can to rock climb, kayak and generally adventure around the world. During his wilderness first aid training in the Ozarks, he also developed a passion for medicine and went on to gain an EMT license in the mountains of North Carolina.