Amy Walper



Amy studied Linguistics with a specialization in American Sign Language at California State University of Long Beach. She graduated in 2016 with her B.A. Amy also studied American Sign Language Interpreting at GWC. She has received two certifications in Interpreting, one in 2016 and the second in 2021. Amy is currently working on getting her M.A in SPED specializing in deaf education and ASL teaching.


Amy has worked as an ASL, Mindfulness, and Wellness teacher for Futures/Fusion Academy for three years. Prior to Fusion, Amy worked as an ASL Tutor at California State University of Long Beach and teacher’s assistant for the ASL classes. Amy was an interpreter for two years, but then discovered her love for teaching. Amy has had a strong passion for American Sign Language and Deaf Culture since she was 7 years old.

"I can remember watching my best friend having a conversation with her mother, who is deaf. The flow and movement of language was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Sign language was a dance with hands that left me in awe."

As the years went by in College, Amy realized that she had a learning disability which caused her retention to be very limited. Upon taking an ASL class, she noticed that she was learning faster and understanding more when using sign, effectively counteracting her disability. At that moment, Amy knew that Sign language could be used to help others who might have challenges learning or with other disabilities.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Hard of Hearing and wears bilateral hearing-aids
  • Enjoys creating art, costumes, and clothing.
  • Worked as a professional modern dancer and costume designer for 9 years.