Aaron Wertheimer

English Teacher/Mentor

Aaron’s discovered a passion for words, sounds, and building relationships early!  He graduated with his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014.  While in his senior year of college, he worked part-time as a teaching assistant and writing tutor at the campus’ tutoring services for freshmen students.

Post-graduation, Aaron worked with a human rights non-profit organization where he wore many hats at a junior college serving physically handicapped individuals in Guangzhou, China.  Aaron returned to Southern California where he went to school for his Master of Arts in Teaching degree at the University of California, Irvine.  For the next three years prior to Fusion Academy, he worked with military youth cadets and at an independent studies school in Compton, California, mentoring 14-24-year-old multilingual students in creative writing, music composition, and English Language Arts.

Aaron prides himself on building community by developing relationships with and creating a space for students and parents to engage in back-and-forth dialogue with one another.  He constantly reflects on how to help students and families maximize their innate social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, academic, vocational, and avocational potential by inquiring about who they are as people.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys anything in the great outdoors and with the arts: traveling, gardening, meditating, surfing, backpacking, camping, reading, writing (songs, poetry, and books), and meeting new people of different walks of life and cultures to celebrate the rich diversity of our world.