Suzie Daigle-Law

Science Teacher

Suzie is a Houston, Tx native, *ques country music in the background*. She loves random adventures, sports, food, pranks, and DC comics (DC is better don't argue). She's a 2015 graduate of Texas State University, GO BOBCATS, where she thought she wanted to be a physical therapist until her sophomore year and decided to abort mission (JUMP SHIP), now she has her undergrad in Health and Wellness promotion in a clinical population. After working in the medical field she finally decided to embrace her love for kids and become a teacher. She taught the Principals of Health Science for one year at Nimitz High School in Aldine ISD, before deciding to take a different approach to teaching, tis is to why she decided to become a Fusionite the summer of 2017.

Favorite quote: In a world of ordinary mortals, you are wonder woman. -Queen Hippolyta